Best ten technological characteristics of vacuum sputtering coating.

Sputtering target is the key material of vacuum coating
Sputtering coating refers to the material source to be plated (called the target) and the matrix together into a vacuum chamber, and then use positive ion bombardment as the cathode target, so that the atoms and molecules in the target escape and condense into a film on the surface of the matrix.

Ten characteristics of sputtering coating process

1. Can be prepared into the target of all kinds of materials can be used as film materials, including all kinds of metal, semiconductor, ferromagnetic materials, as well as insulating oxides, ceramics, polymers and other substances, especially suitable for high melting point and low steam pressure material deposition coating;
2. Under the appropriate conditions of multiple target co-sputtering mode, can deposit the required components of the mixture, compound film;
3. Add oxygen, nitrogen or other active gas in the discharge atmosphere of sputtering, can be deposited to form a compound film of target material and gas molecules;
4. Control the pressure in the vacuum chamber, sputtering power, basically can obtain stable deposition rate, by accurately controlling the sputtering coating time, easy to obtain uniform high precision film thickness, and good repeatability;
5. For large area coating, sputtering deposition is absolutely superior to other coating process;
6. In the vacuum container, the sputtering particles are not affected by gravity, and the position of the target and the substrate can be aligned freely;
7. Sputtering particles almost not influenced by gravity, target material and the substrate position free arrangement: substrate and the adhesion strength of membrane is usually steamed coating more than 10 times, and as a result of sputtering particles with high energy, in the film surface will continue to hard and dense membrane surface diffusion, and high energy make substrate as long as the low temperature crystallization membrane can be;
8. High nucleation density at the early stage of film formation, extremely thin continuous film below 10nm;
9. Sputtering target material long service life, can be long-term continuous production;
10. Sputtering target can be made into various shapes.  The sputtering process can be controlled better and the sputtering efficiency can be improved most effectively by the special design of target shape.
The above are the ten technological characteristics of magnetron sputtering, but there are also some problems that need to be further improved.  One of the main problems is that the utilization rate of target material needs to be improved.  In practice, the utilization rate of circular planar cathode target is usually less than 30%.  The utilization rate of target material can be improved by optimizing the magnetic field design.  In addition, the utilization rate of rotating target material is high, which can reach more than 70%-80%.

Post time: Aug-20-2022